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Is D.C. engaging in voter suppression?

18 Jun
Relax.  Keep calm.  I actually know green card holders or resident aliens in D.C. who have told me they voted for Obama.  (If you ask them if they are U.S. citizens they always say “Oh….I mean I support him!”)

In D.C. you don’t have to have any ID to vote.  (You just tell the poll workers your name and they cross you off their computer printout – I’ve seen a man try to vote before and be denied, because when his wife had voted earlier that day they crossed his name off, not hers.)  Of course, any legal resident alien can get a taxpayer ID number using their student or other Visa, and then get a DC driver’s license or non-driver ID, if it were even needed.

But if you want to take a class to renew a professional license in DC, you need not one government ID, but two.  You need a driver’s license and a copy of your professional license!

Also: in the D.C. metro area, public school bureaucrats turned away students registered for SAT tests, because they didn’t like their photos: