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Does Joan Walsh have the hots for Nick Gillespie?

6 Mar
Libertarianism is for petulant children: Ayn Rand, Rand Paul and the movement’s sad “rebellion”

S(t)alon, the leftover website edited by Joan Walsh, a frequent MSNBC contributor, pretty much has a daily piece chock full of howlers attacking libertarians.

For months my hypothesis has been this was just whoring, socialist street walkers after capitalist cash, as the articles usually target particular libertarian divas with a big fan base: Ayn Rand, Ron Paul, Rand Paul.  Essentially this clickbait is a form of pay per view porn, where proglodytes can join  David Sirocco or some other nerdy pajama boy, minimally cooler than they are, in a gang rape of that uppity bitch’s (Ayn Rand’s) bones.

But the tone of recent articles, like the one above calling libertarians juvenile, suggest a new diagnosis.  It’s projection.  These nerdy leftovers are infatuated with libertarians, like a smelly, borderline autistic kid making prank calls or stalking a beautiful and popular student who doesn’t even know they exist.

In her recent appearances it looks like Joan Walsh has had her famously rodent-like dentition ground down, a new hair cut, and maybe a little freshening around the eyes.  If she can’t land Nick for some extramarital hanky panky, perhaps she’s aiming to get a show as MSNBC cleans the Ronan and the Sharpton out of its stables.  The old mare may ride yet!