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Refugees and the tired and huddled masses

19 Nov
A shorter version of this appeared yesterday at the Daily Caller.

Despite the opposition of the majority of the nation’s Governors, President Obama is determined to import, at taxpayer expense, hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees, who despite his administration’s assurances, they are totally incompetent to vet.  Like most Democrats advocating suicidal policies for America, Obama attempts to seize the moral high ground, accusing critics of selfishness, racism, and turning away from American traditions like the sentiments engraved on the Statue of Liberty.

Progressives have generally fallen right in line with this.  Only one lone voice, Kevin Drum at Mother Jones, has called for not mocking people worried about terrorists entering the country through the refugee process, but instead for designing a tighter, better regulated process.

Sadly, as with the Iran Deal, a number of prominent libertarian writers are supporting Obama, quoting boilerplate about the “tired and huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”  Although if one reads the replies they are getting from their own libertarian readers, they are being told they are full of it.  And the most libertarianish of the presidential candidates, Senator Rand Paul, has called for a moratorium on accepting Syrian refugees in the United States.

Libertarians have been defending open borders and freely given green cards, work permits, work Visas, and even permanent residency (most don’t defend easy citizenship and voting rights) for some time.  The libertarian CATO Institute has one nice, bright young man, Alex Nowrasteh, a recent graduate of the London School of Economics, who does nothing but publish op-eds and policy papers advocating freedom of immigration.  I’ve never looked closely at his work, which I assume is mainly the standard completely valid arguments about the gains of trade, in this case free trade in labor.  I suspect Milton Friedman‘s thoughts on free immigration are truer – that you can’t have completely free immigration when you have a welfare state.  While Mr. Nowrasteh is no doubt correct that immigrants increase the GDP generally, lowering the price of software or landscaping or motel cleaning for the population as a whole, I suspect they impose high costs on specific communities where their children fill up the public schools and the whole family fills up the emergency rooms.  Sacrificing some communities and the taxpayers in them to the GDP of the nation seems to me collectivist and utilitarian – the greatest benefit for the greatest number – not individualist and libertarian.
But that’s about immigration generally.  Not immigration in a time of terrorism.  This week other libertarians – my fellow libertarians – made two sets of howlingly idiotic arguments about Syrian refugees.
Sarah Harvard is a young Muslim libertarian writer lots of people are going to hear about one suspects.  Barely out of American University, where I knew her as an undergraduate, she decided to become a political journalist despite a stereotypical Asian tiger mom’s desire that she be a medical doctor.  In her early 20s, Ms. Harvard has already interned at Slate, and now is a staff writer at The Atlantic and Teen Vogue.  In the wake of the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, Ms. Harvard shared her fears about Islamophobia on social media:
After seeing all the anti-Muslim attacks and to the extent of how far racialized Islamophobia has gone in this society, I’m reminded — once again — of my privilege as someone who is racially ambiguous. ‪#‎AmbiguouslyMuslim‬
Since I don’t wear the hijab and I don’t “look” Muslim, I don’t hold the same fear as my friends who do. I don’t have to worry about being stabbed when someone asks me if I’m Muslim. I don’t have to worry about someone threatening to behead me and throw a metal trash can in the street of New York City. I don’t have to worry about someone shouting slurs at me while riding on the subway.
Whether you identify as Sikh, Muslim, Arab, or South Asian, please be careful in our fragile and hostile world. Your bravery and resilience inspires me.
When I told Ms. Harvard I thought she had lost touch with reality (asking her where it was that a Muslim had been beheaded recently by a non-Muslim), she provided me with three links to stories – of which I was unaware – of Muslims or Arabs being stabbed in the U.S.   Three stories.   Over the past couple of decades. The first of which, a Daily Beast article on a Muslim immigrant killed in Dallas, said “Now there’s no specific evidence yet that he was murdered because he was Muslim.”  As he had, like many immigrants, moved into a violent, crime ridden neighborhood.  Which makes it sound to me like gun control, not Islamophobia, killed him.

Likewise, the almost always brilliantly balanced house libertarian at the AtlanticConor Friedersdorf, chides conservative writers for whipping up anti-Muslim sentiment.  We wouldn’t want a racist backlash, now would we?

One marvels at the lack of cognitive contact with reality.  There was no anti-Muslim pogrom after 9/11, when 3,000 people were killed in the U.S. by 19 Moslem terrorists.  Where do Democrats, progressives – or libertarians – get off on guilt tripping Americans for being concerned about letting floods of people into the country among which terrorists may be hiding, given the amazingly tolerant and liberal attitudes of Americans so far?  Given that only a few decades ago a Democrat President progressives still worship as a deity was turning away boatloads of Jews fleeing Nazism while he was also putting Japanese Americans in internment camps, they have no moral right to even speak.

The other line of ludicrous libertarian argument this week is that no terrorist has ever entered the U.S. as a refugee, made by two different very nice people, both very bright, reason magazine’s science writer Ronald Bailey, and also by Niskanen Center policy analyst Dan Bier in The Freeman.  (Bier then also appeared Wednesday morning at a meeting of D.C. conservatives pitching his argument, and again received hostile questions.)  Both were slapped by their libertarian readers, who pointed out that the Tsarnaev brothers were the children of asylum seekers.  Amazingly, Bailey replied with some semantic hair splitting about what the meaning of is “is,”  as did Bier at the conservative meeting.  Being children of a Moslem refugee, who as children were never “vetted” by Obama’s State Department, proves to Bier that the vetting works.  Their readers, recognizing that in this case the blood stains on the blue dress will be blood, not other precious bodily fluids, were not persuaded.

Elsewhere some libertarians made some perfectly valid points both about ISIS having as aims that the West reject Moslems seeking freedom and that it separate Moslem refugees from Christians and other Westerners and about Arabs being radicalized when (American, French, or Russian) bombs or drones fall on them without them having any idea why.

But none of those points explain why we should accept people who might want to kill us as neighbors, especially at taxpayer expense.

In 2007 I was a refugee – from Washington, D.C. and its godawful Department of Motor Vehicles, to Annapolis, Maryland.  My driver’s license was suspended and the DMV ‘crats could not tell me why or what to do, and that tipped my decision to rent a (second) apartment in Annapolis, and attempt to get a Maryland driver’s license.  Being a home owner in D.C. I had not rented anything in years, especially from a large corporate landlord.  I had to complete a background check so the landlord would not later face litigation from my neighbors if it turned out I was a rapist,  pedophile, etc.

The Obama administration is now importing refugees who it will place in public schools other Americans are actually legally forced to attend, and house on public property in many cases, and transport on public infrastructure everyone has to use (as it’s a monopoly with no alternatives).  These refugees aren’t people brought in by local churches and synagogues or mosques who might be held accountable for their behavior.  You can’t sue the federal government easily.  If even one tenth of one percent of a 100,000 refugees are terrorists, that’s 100 terrorists – five times the number who committed 9/11 and ten times the number who just killed 120 people in Paris.

The U.S. gives Israel and Egypt each a billion dollars a year to follow America’s foreign policy agenda.  Rather than spend tax money to import refugees – which is bizarrely what these libertarians are defending – we could just as easily pay Turkey, or Jordan, or Pakistan – or Madagascar – to accept them.

An American "Progressive" in Paris

15 Jan
Real internet postings from American leftovers (updated continuously).


    It does seem clear that Mohamad’s worshippers and followers have developed a strain of thought that killing lots of people for lots of reasons, is holy work.  This seems quite traditional, as it is in Christianity, from falsely labeling Jews as “Christ Killers”, to burning witches at the stake (usually impoverished women), torturing and killing heretics, and these days killing women’s health care providers.

    The website you linked to is CLEAR.  It uses boldface type for what is actually in the Qur’an and then regular type to distort what the Qur’an actually says.  I particularly note that bit that says the word the Qur’an uses for “curse” can also be claimed to mean “kill”.  So we can see that, just as with Christianity and Israeli Judaism, language can be perverted to mean whatever the user wants it to mean.  


McM: “politicians need to figure out how to motivate Americans to have more children 

The biggest problem the entire world faces is TOO MANY PEOPLE.
We do not have the jobs (automation) or the resources or fresh water to handle the 7 billion people now living.
Adding more people is throwing gasoline on a fire.

As usual, the far right has a very myopic view of the world and the problems.
They cannot see or think outside of their immediate line-of-sight.

20 minutes ago

Jane, I don’t always agree with you, but you ate right on about Charlie Hebdo. What he did was not satire. Not art. He was provocative.  I don’t even feel bad for him.
I regret innocent people who died.
Those poor souls in the kosher shop did not provoke anyone. It’s all very sad.

Sent from my HTC One™ VX, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

Jane Stillwater” <jpstillwater@yahoo
Date: Tue, Jan 13, 2015 8:48 PM

   According to journalist Glen Ford, here are the little monsters in Paris and the Big Monsters in DC and NATO that started this whole snowball rolling in the first place.  And he’s right.

Who benefits from being Charlie: “I am NOT Bibi Netanyahu!”
    By Jane Stillwater

     Clearly this subject has already been covered in the media news cycle ad nauseam but I still can’t stop thinking about the 
“I am Charlie” concept.  Was the idea behind all those people who held up “I am Charlie” posters supposed to be about protecting free speech?  Really?  Then why isn’t everyone carrying “I am Julian 
Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden” posters too?  Or demanding that the police stop arresting guys who falsely yell 
“Fire!” in a crowded theater or deliberately start barroom brawls? 

Or if those “I am Charlie” posters are in protest of armed thugs in 
Paris gunning down civilians in cold blood, then why isn’t everyone in 
Paris also carrying posters proclaiming “I am
Iraq” or “I am Syria” or “I
Palestine” or “I am Ukraine” or Libya or Mali or….  You get the 

All those people holding up signs protesting the slaughter on Rue 
Nicolas-Appert might actually think that they too are “Charlie” — and 
that’s fine.  Terrible things happened to the employees of Charlie 
Hebdo.  No one should ever have to suffer the fate of being shot down in
cold blood, and thus the victims deserve to be mourned.  However I 
myself chose NOT to be Charlie Hebdo, a vicious slimy obscene rag 
clearly designed to stir up religious tensions in France.

And I also choose not to
be any other bigots or terrorist troublemakers who
clearly delight in trying to stir up religious tensions in France, 
crassly using others’ religious differences to pave their own way to 
riches and power — and yet who have the ultimate and offensive 
hypocrisy and nerve to show up for the French “I am Charlie” marches 
with innocent smiles on their faces.  “Who us?” they innocently proclaim
— after doing everything they possibly can to stir up bigotry against 
    I am NOT Avigdor Liberman

    I am NOT Naftali Bennet

   And I am definitely NOT Bibi Netanyahu.

    These three guys and their cohorts seem to be always at the center of 
any religious tension or terrorist attack almost anywhere in the world — starting in 1948 
when the Stern Gang blew up the King David Hotel and Moshe Dayan’s 
“army” slaughtered Christian and Muslim Palestinians left and right in 
order to steal their land.  “Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in 
the Middle East,”a Jesuit priest stated back then.  And that’s still true today.

   Israel’s sleazy military-industrial complex then went on to be an 
uber-cheerleader for America when our own sleazy military-industrial 
complex bombed Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yugoslavia, 
Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia and I forget what all else.  And Israeli 
neo-cons themselves have bombed Palestine, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon 
and I forget what all else too — not to mention their documented 
ongoing support for ISIS and Al Qaeda. 

If bombs, missiles, white phosphorus, tanks, false-flag operations, 
F-16s, tear gas or even bottle-rockets are involved, Bibi and these guys
are so there!  

    Millions dead in the Middle East?  I call that terrorism.  And yet Bibi and his minions actually had the chutzpah to
march in Paris “against terrorism,” according to
Paris Match.  Yeah, right.  

Yet who benefited from the Charlie Hebdo incident?  Let’s see.  
According to Paul Craig Roberts, it’s the American military-industrial 
complex that benefited.  “Not France, not Muslims, but US world hegemony.  US 
hegemony over the world is what the CIA supports.  US world hegemony is 
the neoconservative-imposed foreign policy of the US.”

But as they say in poker, “I’ll see Roberts and raise him.”  Netanyahu 
benefited.  Apparently, right before the Charlie Dodo incident was 
staged, France had just announced that it might be backing off 
supporting sanctions on Russia.  What?  No immediate prospect of World 
War III?  No big Israeli weapons sales?  Bibi must have been tres disappointed!

    France had
also just announced that it was gonna recognize the Palestinian state.  OMG!  That must have totally pissed Netanyahu off.

Also, our Bibi is having trouble finding settlers to occupy his many 
illegal condos in Palestine’s West Bank.  But he just loves French Jews 
— and hopes to scare them enough to force them to flee to Israel and 
live rent-free on Palestinian land.  Heck, I like Israel well enough.  
Wouldn’t mind living there myself.  It’s a nice place.  Heck, even the 
Palestinians used to like living there too.  But it’s
the Israeli neo-cons’ blood-thirsty hypocritical
scheming military-industrial-complex-flaunting neo-con 
national-socialist leaders that I do not respect or cannot like. 

And I’m not being anti-Semitic here.  Let’s leave all that religious 
bigotry to Charlie Hebdo.  I am only being a student of American-Israeli
neo-con “Realpolitik” (Rāˈälpōliˌtēk/:  Asystem of politics or principles based on practical rather than moral or ideological considerations).  And Realpolitik has nothing to do with religion.

    Good grief, I’m so glad that I’m NOT Netanyahu.

And I also feel nothing but compassion for all the billions of Muslims,
Christians and Jews who are being subjected to his vile manipulations. 
I also feel nothing but compassion for the hostages in the kosher 
supermarket who were also victims of Bibi’s lust for money and power and
to create chaos throughout the world.  Even if it means putting all the
world’s Jews in danger again.

What is going to happen next in France?  Or in Israel and the United 
States too, for that matter.  As my friend RJ
suggests, let’s follow Norway’s heroic example after the dreadful 2011 
massacre there and stop spending our patrimony on guns, bombs, war and 
alienation and start spending that money on integrating our nations’ 
into our national bank of excellent human resources instead.

We’ve already wasted a hundred trillion dollars on “war” so far, only to
discover again and again that violence doesn’t ever
work.  Not in the Middle East, not in Ukraine, not in Paris, not at the
World Trade Center and not in Ferguson either.  Just imagine if we had 
spent all that money on education, jobs, and integrating our society 
into a
smooth-running democratic machine instead.  

To paraphrase Thomas Piketty, “You can’t have a political democracy 
unless you have an economic democracy too.”  And “war” has ruined — 
absolutely ruined — the economic democracy of both Israel and the USA. 
And probably France too.
9 hours ago

There never was any country that was ruled by Communism. Name one and I’ll buy you a Ice Cream Cone. More people have been murdered by religion than anything else.


Monday, January 12, 2015, Puma <> wrote:

Here’s my question though:  Those two crazy brothers there in Paris shot those Charlie Hebdo folks which is awful BUT at least they killed the people they wanted to kill because they……who knows?  Offended Mohammad?  Maybe.  Owed them a few Euros?  Possible.  Mossad paid them to do it to start some crap?  Could be.  On the other hand, that crazy USAF pilot traveled halfway around the world and killed 50 people for what reason exactly?  I mean, that guy wanted to kill some total strangers (including children) so bad, he went through all that trouble and didn’t even have a grudge against them.  Talk about kill-crazy.  Those two jerks in Paris don’t hold an ace to him, that’s for sure.  Maybe a head shrink needs to examine that crazy pilot.  Or those nutcases in that helicopter in Iraq.  Remember them?  Shooting at the people there, even children, and pretending they’re playing a video game and even whooping when they killed someone.  Now that’s some real nuts.  I think I can handle guys like those two moslem terrorists a heck of a lot better than that weird American military personnel.  Everybody jumps up and down over those two jerks in Paris but nobody seems to worry about the mental faculties of American military personnel that runs halfway around the world just to get to kill total strangers for no apparent reason.  The whole concept boggles my mind.


58 minutes ago

You say Global Warming is not connected to fossil fuel. This is proof that you and people like you are murdering our population. ISIL is less evil than you. The worse Muslim in the world is better than low life like you and religious people like you.


On Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 4:02 AM, Puma  <> wrote:

[T]hat attack in Paris was on a type of magazine we don’t even have here in the US.  Get real.  Charlie Hebdo targeted all religions and not just the Islam.  The magazine has been around since the 60s.  I wonder how long a magazine like that would last in the US without some televangelist calling on his followers to blow the place up.  Furthermore, those 5 characters involved don’t represent every moslem, not even every moslem in France.  Heck, when Chirac was still the president of France he once suggested that this magazine might want to tame some of it’s stuff down.  Well, they didn’t and Chirac didn’t say any more about it (he could have closed them down but didn’t, but that’s France for you).  If that attack was an attack on freedom of speech (although one would think it might really involve freedom of the press), then the entire US must be an assault on freedom of the press considering that a magazine of the type has never even existed in the US.  And then there’s Snowden.  Then again there is this:

And you thought only the gays were upset with Russia

29 Aug
Why are we giving any of these people money or weapons?

Why do we buy their oil instead of developing our own? 

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Aeisha Muhammad <>
To:  UN Security Council; Arab League

Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2013 1:46 PM

Subject: The Olympic Games in Russia

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim
Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam ‘ala Rasulillah

As salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu

Dear Members of the Arab League and the entire International Community:

It is being reported that Saudi Arabia is threatening Russia with terrorists attacks during the Olympics in Moscow. May I ask what is wrong with you all at the Arab League? Has everyone lost their senses? Does anyone get the fact that threats of this sort are an open provocation designed to create more animosity against the Arab/Muslim world? What possible gain could there be in making threats such as this except to serve the interests of the Zionist Nazi fascists in Washington, “israel” and the UK ?

I have no doubt that the House of Saud in Saudi Arabia is trembling with with all the happenings that are taking place around its borders but that is NOT an excuse to provoke Russia with terrorists threats. If the House of Saud is openly admitting that they are the ones running the Islamic terrorism then they are doing it for the sake of themselves and the United States of America. Saudi Arabia and the USA work together to destroy the region. These terrorists that they brag about are the FAKE mujahideen which they created to run rough shod over the rest of the Islamic world to help the United States of America and “israel” gain control of the Arabian Peninsula. Foolishly the House of Saud has miscalculated that it will stay in power if it walks hand in hand with the Zionist Nazi USA in its genocidal assault on the innocents of the Arabian Peninsula.

The real Islamic resistance is alive, well and thriving in the Arabian Peninsula and the rest of the Islamic world. These FAKE mercenaries created and disbursed by the USA and Saudi Arabia will NEVER defeat the true Mujahideen. Time will prove that to be the case. The House of Saud is crumbling and all it has left are its threats and terrorists posing as Islamic warriors. When the time comes nobody will be able to help them. GOD Himself will see to it. No place to hide or run. These threats are heinous, reprehensible and NOT representative of the Islamic Resistance at all. 

Member nations of the world are hereby advised that any terrorists actions that take place in Russia are the work of Saudi Arabia (in conjunction with the USA, UK and “israel”) and that the criminal Saudi regime should be tried with war crimes and crimes against the sovereign State of Russia as they have already admitted that they will cause these ‘bought and paid for’ mercenaries to carry out terrorist acts inside Russia. The USA, UK and “israel” should also carry the weight of prosecution for supporting the Saudis and their UN-ISLAMIC terrorists.

I, Aeisha Muhammad, declare that the real Islamic Resistance is not a party to these terrorist acts threatened by the House of Saud and that said acts are NOT part of the Islamic Jihad against the tyranny of Zionist Nazi occupation and terrorism against the Peoples of the Arabian Peninsula or throughout the rest of the Islamic world. The real Islamic Resistance wants freedom from occupation and tyranny and does NOT carry out operations that serve to benefit the Zionist Nazis in the USA, UK and “israel”. 

Saudi Arabia and all the traitors in the Arabian Peninsula are warned not to go forward with this heinous plot against Russia. The consequences of such a decision will not be in their own interests.

Members of the UN Security Council and the international community of nations are advised to not fuel the fire by boarding the Saudi/USA train of destruction and not to use any terrorist operation inspired by the Saudi criminals and/or the USA to further the agenda against the Arabs and Muslims worldwide. If there is terrorism then you are all advised to put the blame where it belongs squarely on the lap of the House of Saud and their ZioNazi protectors in the West. This entire drama has but one purpose and it will backfire badly.

Everyone is asked to dissuade the House of Saud from its heinous conspiracy against Russia. It is in the interests of us all to prevent this evil from taking place.

May GOD guide you all the best of decisions for the sake of peace and your own nations.

Very truly yours,
from the servant of ALLAH
Shayhka Maulani Aeisha Muhammad