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Adam Kokesh vs Restore the Fourth

5 Jul

So while a number of libertarians were speaking at the Restore the Fourth rally in DC’s downtown McPherson Square, freshly re-sod from the Occupy occupation of a year or so ago, and others were at the annual marijuana decriminalization rally nearby that happens every July 4th, everyone’s favorite kinda-hot-and-hunky-but-is-he-crazy Ron Paulista former marine, Adam Kokesh, was locking and loading a gun and video taping it elsewhere in DC.  He had originally planned a big march across one of the bridges connecting Virginia to DC, with 2500 armed protesters, which got him a spot on FOX News debating Juan Williams, and a lot of police and political attention, threats, and warnings.  [It also sparked a lot of talk among liberty movement people about whether Kokesh is crazy, a government plant, counter-productive, an avatar of radical libertarianism, etc., and provoked another local libertarian, who like Kokesh and myself is sometimes totally unfairly labelled a publicity hound, Austin Petersen, to organize a July 3rd Toy Gun march on DC, which I really meant to attend and video, but inclement weather made me think no one would be there).]

I don’t usually comment in a very judgmental way about Mr. Kokesh’s street theater or general oeuvre.  I am not wholly against it as some are, though I understand why it may keep him out of certain areas of the liberty movement, just as my snark and bawdiness may keep me out of many things that I would be good at if I weren’t scaring away the libertarian horses.

But Adam did facilitate in the media blackout, or rather the American media blackout, of the Restore The Fourth rallies.  The local hipster website DCist managed to cover Adam loading a gun, but I believe ignored the Restore the Fourth rallies (they did report weeks ago that the rallies were planned).  I was at the DC Restore the Fourth and video taped (posted below) the major speakers including the major libertarian speakers, and then repaired to a nearby pub afterwards for beer and apps with two of the libertarian speakers, several attendees and one journalist friend.  They confirmed that almost all the media interviewing speakers at Restore the Fourth were foreign media.  Not American outlets.  I guess Eric Holder’s DOJ surveillance of journalists has had its desired effect.

(One exception is Julie Ershadi, whose piece will load up later today at The Fix.)