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Google censorship of Insomniac Libertarian

6 Nov

This wordpress blog is a mirror of Insomniac Libertarian on blogger.

This weekend, while the blog owner was actually ill in bed, Google suspended the blogger website and its associated gmail address and every blog or other Google product attached.

As a free service Google provides no explanation.googlelogo_color_272x92dp

Is it a glitch?  Starting several years ago Insomniac Libertarian often disappears for 1 or 2 even up to 36 hours with no explanation, every other month.

Or was some precious snow flake “triggered” and demanded censorship?


Insomniac has the distinction of having been attacked in a variety of much larger publications, including New York magazine.  A tea party blog attached to the same google account, that had been attacked in 2010 on Rachel Maddow’s and Chris Matthew’s shows, and virtually every liberal blog or newspaper, for providing a guide to DC for people attending a Glenn Beck rally, was also wiped out.  It is also mirrored on other sites and can be reconstituted on a new Blogger site this week.

Since we started mirroring and downloading the blog to WordPress and other alternatives years ago when the vanishing first started, we will likely be able to reincarnate 98% of all the original content on a new blog with a similar name, Insomniac Libertarians.

The blogger site actually produced enough traffic to earn a small Google income as well as some money from other advertising.  I guess this is one way for Google not to pay up.