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28 Nov

Ron Paul field operative trains Kurdish fighters

26 Jun
I first met Zach Huff when he was 15, at Nellie’s, a gay sports bar in D.C.
I had organized some libertarians to join me in sort of crashing or joining a Log Cabin Republican happy hour.
Eileen, a libertarian woman I knew, then in D.C. to finish a master’s degree in public policy, was sitting with me at a tall bar table having burgers, fries and beer.  We were probably wearing some Ron Paul buttons, hoping to proselytize the Log Cabin peeps for Dr. Paul.
Then this young guy showed up, Zach Huff, about 5’7″ maybe.  He was an intern in the Ron Paul/Campaign for Liberty office in northern Virginia.  A woman managing the office, Allison Gibbs (now semi-retired from politics) had sent Zach to represent (maybe not realizing it was a bar more than a restaurant).
Young Zach told us he was a sophomore and all about his working for the Paul campaign and his life back home in the Pacific northwest.  We kept offering to buy him a beer, since he was not 21, and we were having beer.  He declined.  (When I was a college sophomore you could buy beer at 18, so, libertarian that I am, I don’t consider college sophomores to be underage drinkers.)  Toward the end of the evening we asked Zach what his major was, and I was horrified to learn that he was a high school sophomore and I had been offering to buy a 15 year old kid beer at a gay happy hour.
I’m glad he didn’t accept our offer.
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The Kurds and the Libertarian Way

11 Aug
Obama has decided to arm the Kurds, probably one of the few intelligent “interventions” one could do in the region, and one that should have been done, if you were going to do it, over 10 years ago.

The Bush and Obama regimes never did it because it would have offended the central Iraqi government.

And now they compound the stupidity by announcing it ahead of time so ISIS can attack the Kurds — with all the American weapons they have picked up from Iraq (and Libya?) — before the Kurds are armed. (And for libertarians – you know if the DOD did not have a monopoly on weapons someone other than the government might have armed the Kurds by now).

Central planning fails again; nation building just being the name for central planning of a territory where you are not the historical, “indigenous” political class.