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Libertarian calendar for September 2015

26 Sep

September 25-29
Banned Books

Events on censorship, mainly at DC libraries

September 27
South Riding, VA
Libertarian Party of Loudoun County, VA

12:00 PM
South Riding Center
42420 Unicorn Drive
South Riding, VA 20152

September 29
Washington, D.C.

Gary Johnson filing
U.S. District Court
400 Constitution Avenue NW

The Commission on Presidential Debates lawsuit is scheduled to be filed on September 29th at 10:30 AM press interviews will be conducted by OAI attorney Bruce Fein on the steps of United States District Court for the District of Columbia, 400 Constitution Avenue NW, DC. Everyone is invited!

September 29
Arlington, VA

Protest Hillary!
6:30 pm

Hillary does a $200 per person happy hour

Arlington Rooftop Bar and Grill
2424 Wilson Boulevard

September 30
Washington, D.C.

Evening Reception with Michigan Congressman Justin Amash

7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Cocktails & Hors d’oeuvres Provided
DLA Piper- 500 Eighth Street NW, Washington DC 
Host Committee
Ed Crane 
Christine Daya
Dr. Issam & Roula Daya
Jeff Frazee
Paul & Laura Jost
Matt & Terry Kibbe
Michael Ostrolenk
(to become a host, please contribute $500 or more and contact
Howie Rich
Clark Ruper 
George & Rhonda Salem 
Michael & Lauren Semeniuk 
Young Americans for 
 Liberty PAC
Contribution Levels*
Platinum Host:
$5,000 per person or couple
Gold Host:
$2,500 per person or couple
Silver Host:
$1,000 per person or couple
Bronze Host:
$500 per person or couple
General Attendee: $100 per person
Student: $50 per person


September 1-30

Libertarian challenge

How many of these tasks can you accomplish in 2015? 


(NOV 2015 CAMPAIGN) Knock on 100 doors for Joe Haynes who is running for Seminole City Council or donate $25 to his campaign 

(NOV 2015 CAMPAIGN) Knock on 100 Doors for Breanna Kirkland or donate $25 to her campaign


Gather 50 Petitions for David Leavitt who is running for State House or donate $25 to his campaign 

Gather 50 Petitions for Steve Edmonds who is running for State House or donate $25 to his campaign

Gather 50 Petitions for Ken Willey who is running for State House or donate $25 to his campaign

Gather 50 Petitions for Robert Saviola who is running for State House or donate $25 to his campaign


Gather 100 Petitions for the Legalization of Marijuana or Donate $25 to this ballot initiative

Gather 100 Petitions for the Legalization and regulation of Marijuana or donate $25 to this ballot initiative

Gather 100 Petitions for Floridians for Solar Choice or donate $25 to this ballot initiative


Schedule a meeting with your State House Representative and State Senator and ask them to support Legislation to ban the use of Red Light Cameras or donate $25 to the Liberty First Network.


Pass out 200 flyers or donate $25 to your local Libertarian county affiliate

Register 10 Libertarians or donate $25 to the Libertarian party of Florida.

Donate $25 and become a member of the National Libertarian Party

Make 100 Libertarians Survey Calls or donate $25 for the Florida Libertarian PAC


Pass out 100 FIJA flyers in front of your local courthouse or donate $25 to FIJA


Pass out 200 Flyers on Fair Debates or Donate $25 to the Our America Initiative to help with the Court case


Donate $25 to the Florida Alternative Media Outlet of your choice


Donate 5 Hours at your local soup kitchen or donate $25

National Moment of Silence for Mike Brown

15 Aug

Beauteous Meridian Hill Park (also popularly and locally known as Malcolm X Park, but not on maps and such) was the location for tonight’s DC protest of policy brutality, weaponized police forces, the killing of Mike Brown, and the attitude that black lives don’t matter.

Both reason magazine and various local TV news crews were there, and we are hoping to scoop them with our bad IPad-to-YouTube coverage (Hey Charles Koch Institute, since we do this every day, fund us!)

The protest organizers, who I believe were a group of fairly non-ideological Howard University grad students (Howard is only 7 blocks or so from Meridian Hill Park) had a bad sound system and a disorganized program of chant and response and a reading of names of victims of police killings.  (As to names, one odd fact for this protest in DC is that we actually have two elected politicians named Michael Brown – one white, a perpetual candidate for “shadow” offices (pretend Senator), and one black, the son of the deceased Clinton Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, now in prison for corruption.  I’ve actually been to the imprisoned Brown’s house for a fundraiser when he first ran for office.)

There were a sprinkling of libertarians at the event – me in a Vote Libertarian hat, Steve Silverman (founder of Flex Your Rights) with a “Film the Police” Sign, Todd Krainin of reasonTV (who lives within walking distance).  A young guy handing out flyers for the Socialist Party skipped me twice because of my Libertarian hat, so I stopped him when I realized the flyer was about Green Party candidate Eugene Puryear and made him give me one, as Puryear and I actually get along when we meet.

Some ruffians off camera were screaming at the group.  We couldn’t see them or make out what they were saying.  At first I was worried they were white supremacists and there might be trouble.

Nefarious Koch brothers feed Poor

14 Oct
October 15

810 7th Street NW
Washington DC
6:00 – 8:00 pm

The Charles Koch Institute and Liberty on the Rocks DC are working with the Salvation Army to collect canned goods for the local DC offices this Halloween season. Join two of your favorite organizations for a great cause and have a good time with friends in the back room at RFD in Washington, DC! Anyone who brings at least one canned good will receive a free drink ticket!*

The liberty-lover who brings the most canned goods will receive an extra drink ticket and a Halloween surprise!

The drink ticket will be good for:
-$3 Miller Light Draft
-$4 Rail
-$5 House Wine

*Please note, you are more than welcome to bring multiple canned goods, but you can only receive one drink ticket for the evening.