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Fascism in unexpected places

29 Sep

Today I circulated an article I found amusing from a rightist site called DC Clothesline that had an article making a not original argument that Michelle Obama is transgender, with the new evidence being that her trapezius muscles are bigger than those of Serena or Venus Williams.

I mainly posted it in gay conservative groups and groups devoted to absurdist humor.  And also to one Democrat group where ANY joke about the Obama’s always produces volcanic eruptions of psychoanalysis and high dudgeon, the poor dears never realizing they are being trolled, made the figures of sadistic fun like earth worms sprinkled with salt or caterpillars burnt with a magnifying glass.

But one trannie-con also got her size 15 mules in a twist:

LibertyMe falls to the Dark Lord

17 Sep

LibertyMe is Jeffrey Tucker’s all libertarian FaceBook, a “global community” for libertarians, featuring his own essays, as well as popular vlogs and internet interview shows hosted by Julie Borowski and Rachel Mills.  It gets just under 200,000 views a day, 80% from the United States and most of the rest from former British Commonwealth countries.

But if you blog there, don’t use any hurtful words, not just in articles or blog posts, but even in the reply column to people posting comments on articles.  That might hurt a precious snowflake.

I recently posted a piece on gay cronyists and lobbyists who work for British Petroleum and Monsanto being the most vocal gays in defense of Hillary Clinton, speculating that they expect to get paid.

Two oddballs seized on a throw away line about Elian Gonzales in the article, insisting that the libertarian position is that he should be taken from his aunt and uncle and sent to a totalitarian country if his father wants him to be there.

I replied to them and they came back with increasingly ignorant remarks that led me to believe they weren’t fully functioning.  Apparently in LibertyMe land one cannot risk triggering a precious snowflake by telling them you think they are retarded.  Perhaps the LibertyMe staff are sensitive to these issues; perhaps retardation runs in their families.

Notice by the way that the homophobia in LibertyMe “community member” Martin Brock’s first comment – the claim that because someone is discussing LGBT issues (in this case, ironically, actually criticizing the LGBT political class) means they wouldn’t be able to understand families – is NOT a concern for the nannies at LibertyMe.  It’s that someone used the word “retardation.”  And people pay to use this site?  Tsk, tsk.  I suppose the nannies only get involved when someone flags a comment or cries.  I didn’t whine at Brock’s homophobia or tattle to a teacher.  I just told him what I thought of his arguments.

American University professor sacked from socialist group for questioning government climate change claims

23 Jun
An academic on the anti-war left has been sacked from his affiliation with the socialist Institute for Policy Studies in DC for questioning the government position on climate change:

Investor’s Business Daily reports:

Global Warming Witch Hunt Continues With Caleb Rossiter

Junk Science: Without evidence to back up their claims, climate zealots have taken to intimidation. They’re blacklisting academics who have the nerve to question the “settled science” of climate change.

The latest victim of climate McCarthyism is Caleb Rossiter, who, until his op-ed challenging the “consensus” on climate change was published in the Wall Street Journal, was a Democratic academic who briefly forayed into politics but was content to crusade against U.S. support for dictators and against the use of anti-personnel land mines.
In that op-ed, Rossiter called himself an “Africanist.” He not only questioned the science behind climate change warnings but the impact of abandoning fossil fuels on human progress on a continent that’s lowest in production of carbon emissions and the neediest in terms of economic development.
For his questioning of climate orthodoxy, Rossiter, an adjunct professor at American University, was sacked via email from his position with the Institute for Policy Studies. That organization says it is committed to something called “climate justice,” a notion that Rossiter questioned. He believes that position dooms the African continent to reliance on green energy sources such as wind and solar that are erratic and unreliable.

Read More At Investor’s Business Daily: