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Libertarians React to Obama’s Immigration Plan

22 Nov
Very few libertarians seemed to have addressed the realpolitik and motives of Obama’s plan, creating millions of new quasi-citizens who will illegally register to vote and vote for his party and access the earned income tax credit and other tax loot funded benefits.  My friend Gavin Kitchens replies to the latter half of this query:

  • Gavin Kitchens So ridiculous. Do people not think limited access to the job market has something to do with earning lower wages and higher rates of poverty?

Here’s a sampling of libertarian opinion:

As a libertarian I am concerned that Congress has ceded so much power to the executive on immigration. But also as a libertarian I can hardly be unhappy that he is using these powers to expand individual freedom rather than, say, torture. If there is ever a good use of such powers, surely something like this is it! (Interestingly, John Yoo, the same guy who wrote Bush’s torture memos is also the one who has written law review articles questioning the constitutionality of executive action on immigration!)
In regards to Obama and his lovely new executive order that he has in store for immigration…lemme just remind y’all that he actually can’t do this as it’s a breach of the checks and balances system. Don’t believe me? Article 1 Section 8 Clause 4. Hopefully SCOTUS will review this if he really does go through with it.

Nils Andersson
You can have free immigration – OR you can have a welfare state. But you cannot have both. Dixit Milton Friedman.

Jon Osborne
Quote of the Day: “These illegal aliens are willing to do the work that Americans will no longer do — namely, vote Democrat.” –Howie Carr

There are 4 gazillion laws on the books in this country. Every administration decides which laws they want to prioritize for enforcement.That’s one reason you want a good administration in there. They can’t possibly enforce everything. If tonight he just announces what he’s not gonna enforce (basically) and you get upset about the constitutional angle, well… Think about all the laws that are not remotely really constitutional at all… and then think how you would feel if he decided to not enforce those federal drug laws, which are also not constitutional… Just a thought. Not defending the administration. There is sooooo very much to criticize. But not deporting people who were raised here and allowing them not to become thugs and prostitutes, well… I would not start with that.

At the Cato Institute, resident immigration policy analyst Alex Nowrasteh has been writing and speaking offering Obama two cheers:

reason magazine writers are surveyed at Tyrant or Liberator? The Pundits React to Obama’s Immigration Plan

Vote on Monday’s top Libertarian Internet updates

30 Jul
1) Jim Bovard on FaceBook

BRAVO RAND PAUL – the only senator to vote against confirming James Comey as the new FBI director. The final vote was 93 to 1 – so nobody was crowding Rand on the high ground. As the ACLU noted last month, “While Comey deserves credit for stopping an illegal spying program in dramatic fashion, he also approved or defended some of the worst abuses of the Bush administration… during his time as deputy attorney general. Those included torture, warrantless wiretapping, and indefinite detention.”

This may be another one of those votes which, in hindsight, many Republicans later wish they had joined Rand Paul.

2) Bruce Majors on (blog replies)

You may be a little out of date. Even with a billion dollars of free adverts by the whore media, Obama’s popularity and ACA’s popularity are dropping.
If the Republicans take the Senate in 2012 they have one man mainly to thank. Edward Snowden.


  • Jon Osborne On FaceBook 

    I would argue, both in terms of low-cost food and in employing unskilled people, that McDonalds has done more for the poor in the U.S. than all the giveaway programs combined.