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Bye Bye Bambi Bang Bang!

31 Mar
One of the little remarked problems of the “tragedy of the commons” involving “public” property is that such property is a vector for problems, especially vermin.

From marching Nazis on Skokie sidewalks to rats in alleys and dumpsters, from the Westboro Baptist Church to Mosquitos, to rapists to nuts carrying guns, to pick pockets and muggers and gropers and rubbers on the Metro, badly maintained, inadequately cleaned, and unmanaged public property is a vector for nuisances and petty crime.

And now we have deer ticks on U.S. Park lands.  All week one group has been circulating a petition to save the growing deer population in Rock Creek Park from culling, while others in DC have relatives permanently debilitated by Lyme’s disease and complain that the deer must be managed.

And tonight, on the Mount Pleasant list serve someone posts:

The dozen or so shots that rang out at 9:20 pm 3/30/13…..

Deer slaughter in Piney Branch woods or gang wars in the ‘hood?