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Black Pride

6 Apr
I don’t think many Libertarian groups have done outreach at Black Gay Pride events before.  Of course, lots of cities haven’t had Black Gay and Lesbian Pride events as long as they have had Gay Pride events.  But as the statist programs to “help” urban populations continue to produce poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, high drop out rates, despair, incarceration and criminal records for victimless crimes, failed, de facto segregated schools, high rents, homelessness, inflation, rationed medical care, disarmed victims of violent crime, etc. etc., libertarians ought to be reaching out and talking about their solutions.

This year in DC we should have booths at both Capitol Pride (generic gay pride) on June 6, and also at Black Pride on May 25.  D.C. metro Libertarians have had a booth at the generic gay pride event now for almost a decade.  But it will be our first year at Black Gay Pride.  Of course it’s also the first year we’ve run 8 candidates, including candidates of a variety of colors and nationalities.

If you want to have a libertarian presence at a gay pride event this year a handy calendar of them is on line and easy to find (or use this link.)

Here is a PDF for Black Pride events around the country, and here are the links for AtlantaD.C., and Detroit.

I believe a few areas also have Hispanic and Native American gay pride events, among others.