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Lindsey Graham pledges an inclusive Republican Party during D.C.’s Capitol Pride week

9 Jun

Amplifying remarks he made last week, when Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham said he wanted Caitlyn Jenner to feel welcome in the GOP, Graham promised today his administration would be a welcoming place for single women, with Graham, a bachelor, saying as president, he will have a “rotating first lady.”

In follow up questions Graham made it clear he was not talking about opening the White House to circus folk, necessarily, but instead planned to use a revolving group of spinsters as his First Ladies.  Graham promised to reach across the aisle, including in his bipartisan binders of women spinster Democrats like retired Senator Barbara Mikulski, Justice Elena Kagan, and Democratic pundit Donna Brazile.

Lindsey Graham opponent supports Edward Snowden

13 Jun
Lindsey Graham Fails to Understand the US Constitution

Graham’s Opponent, Richard Cash, States Snowden had a Duty to Expose NSA Scandal

ANDERSON, S.C., June 11, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — Senator Graham’s perspective regarding the unconstitutional behavior of the US Government in searching through the phone records of US citizens is off base. Senator Graham has stated he is “glad” in regard to the NSA/Verizon scandal. In contrast, South Carolina businessman Richard Cash, Graham’s only declared primary opponent, asks, “How would you feel if a government agent showed up at your home once a month and asked to study your phone bill to see who you have been talking to and how often and for how long? In light of the fourth amendment and the lack of probable cause, it is clearly unconstitutional on the face of it.”

To make matters worse, Senator Graham thinks the wrongdoer is not the government, but the whistle blower. Senator Graham has stated, “I view Mr. Snowdens’ actions not as one of patriotism, but potentially a felony. I hope we follow him to the ends of the earth to bring him to justice.”

According to Cash, those comments are uncalled for and a distraction from the constitutional issue at hand. Cash stated, “Senator Graham has shown little regard for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The government has overstepped its bounds by targeting law abiding citizens.”

Cash went on to say, “Senator Graham’s comments are over the top. Perhaps a whistle blower such as Mr. Snowden is simply doing his duty and trying to uphold the Constitution. The central issue remains, however, the illegal government operation that led to this embarrassing revelation.”

Richard is a graduate of Furman University with a degree in Economics and Business Administration. He has worked professionally as a computer programmer and analyst, served full time as a pro-life missionary, and volunteered as a youth coach and athletic director. He is the founder and owner of two small businesses, which he has operated for the past 14 years. Richard and Marcia have been married for 28 years. In 2010, Richard ran for US Congress in the third district. After winning the primary over a field of 6 candidates, he narrowly lost a runoff to Rep. Jeff Duncan.

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Inquiring minds want to know…

22 Feb

ATTN: Male homosexuals in our movement

Submitted by P. Nicholson on Fri, 02/22/2013 – 01:36

Judging from your own gaydar, is Lindsey Graham homosexual or not?
This isn’t intended to be a flame thread. What I am often most amazed with is how Graham can speak from two sides of the same mouth. Maybe my gaydar is broken, maybe my instinct is misleading me. Regardless, I do not trust Graham for a NY second.
My gut though, tells me he is a man with a lot to hide.
Maybe we should get Larry Flint to offer $1M to the first person that can break the story.
Do you believe Lindsey Graham is gay?

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