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Walmart Needles The Nation About Low-Wage Intern Jobs, Hilarity Ensues

8 Aug
Walmart Needles <em>The Nation</em> About Low-Wage Intern Jobs, Hilarity Ensues

Reason‘s Katherine Mangu-Ward needles the Nation, and Ron Paulista Matthew Coulter Hurt follows to do clean up:

Caitlin Graf, of The Nation, tried to talk to me about Walmarttonight. I replied to her email:

Caitlin –

As someone who worked at Walmart (and was paid well above minimum wage), I’m hardly sympathetic to your organization’s assault on one of the largest employers in the U.S.

I can’t help it if you don’t understand wages, particularly in our nation’s most impoverished communities.

Currently, every other black youth in this nation is unemployed. It is policies like those the Nation pushes (even though they don’t observe the same policies) that has pushed these young would-be employees out into the street.

Please don’t proselytize to me. And please don’t ask me to sympathize with your organization’s hatred for low- and medium-range employees. Read or watch some Milton Friedman, then come talk to me.

Until then, go pound sand.

Matthew Hurtt