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Ne Menendez Plus

12 Mar
Pre-CPAC gossip:

CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, starts Thursday and runs through the weekend.  It’s unclear what libertarian contingent will be there this year, as the gay groups have been banned and Ron Paul is not running for office. (Though Rand Paul is in the straw poll.)

However, CPAC related parties in DC started tonight, and there was gossip to be had.  Here is tonight’s catch.

Ne Menendez Plus

Expect to see stories next week revealing connections of the pol accused of unseemly sex addictions to underage girls showing that he is also connected to drug cartels and organized crime in different countries.  And that his media body guards who have been spinning for him actually endangered the lives of innocent women by making things up and revealing names and faces.  A resignation is predicted.

Affirmative Action for Ex-Gays

Peter LaBarbera, an “ex-gay” who runs a group devoted to exposing the “truth about homosexuality” has written requesting that the libertarians organizing the one panel on gay rights at CPAC put him on it to give his perspective.  Even though in the new gay free CPAC he could be on any other panel on social issues.

Hissey to D.C.?

Matthew Hissey, a Philadelphia gay tea party activist and ISFLC attendee who currently works for AFP in Pennsylvania may be moving to DC.  But he won’t be at CPAC.  Newly single, he is vacationing in Aruba this weekend.  Our advice to Matt – don’t accept any drinks from Senators!