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Convention Tsurris, part 2

8 Jun

Though the recall effort against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker failed, some Libertarians are already conducting a recall campaign against Libertarian Party chairman Geoff Neale. I don’t actually understand all the issues involved but here is their petition: Signatures 1 out of 100 Petitioning Recall Libertarian Party Chair Geoff Neale Created By Gregory Bailey Logan, WV About this PetitionPetition Letter The Libertarian Party (LP) chairman Geoff Neale has gone against the party platform that he is the chairman of. In he has discussed the topic of public-sector unions and their right to collective bargaining. This absolutely goes against the LP platform under 2.7 Labor Markets and is essentially an endorsement of government force and fraud against their own employees. The last part of that sentence is extremely important because Mr. Neale had to sign a pledge to be against the use of force and fraud in order to join the LP. What Mr. Neale is saying is also a part of a recommendation from the LP Platform Committee. These recommendations, especially the part about government worker unions, were voted down at the LP National Convention in Las Vegas. However, Mr. Neale, through his words, seems content with pushing forward this agenda. He needs replaced. He needs recalled. By signing below, you will be asking LP Party Chairman Geoff Neale to step down. Recent Signatures Gregory Bailey (Logan, WV)