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Typical journalism in the year of fake news?

12 Dec

So while journalists who produce fake news are still running about producing fake news, and putting an unsourced press release from some subset of CIA agents at the top of the fold on page 1 (claiming that the Russians were involved in all 6,000 state, local and federal elections that the Democrats lost), Will Sommer, a former Washington City Paper columnist and a frequent radio quest, has now been hired to cover campaigns and Congress by

We’re sure he will be objective.

But he may need a good copy editor.

Note the sentence below in his personal email newsletter where he “covers” “right wing” news people:

“Dave Weigel from fired from The Washington Post

With enemies like this, you can’t be all wrong

23 Jun
Betsy Rothstein’s Fishbowl D.C. is the Gossip Column the Beltway Media Deserves

(Full disclosure:  I was Ms. Rothstein’s agent when she bought a home, in the busiest part of the pre-crash real estate bubble.  I was working 70 hours a week and exhausted, and though her transaction went fine and she liked her home, she felt neglected and so we did not get along.  I know a teeny bit more about her than the average DC journalist or resident.  I’ve watched her new career with neither strongly positive nor negative feelings, until I read this article.  Now I think DC needs 12 of her.)