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Pranav Badhwar, Ward 6 Libertarian for City Council, launches website

23 Feb
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Become a Volunteer
“The end of law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom.” – John Locke
I am running for DC Council specifically to reduce the cost of living and expand economic opportunity by curbing the parts of government that reward cronies while abusing citizens.

Instead of simply shifting resources to interest groups, government should offer real solutions to problems. Solutions which protect individual rights, not violate them. Solutions which treat root causes, not waste money on symptoms. Solutions which empower individuals to succeed, not trap them in need.

Because root causes of problems are often unclear, action that would help is considered unrealistic or not good enough. So the poor continue to suffer while special interest groups and politicians haggle over projects that do more harm than good. My platform offers common sense options that would take great strides in allowing the citizens of DC to be entrepreneurs and create jobs in unique ways. At the end of the day, government should free people to creatively contribute to the community in their own way.
  • Eliminate restrictions on renting out one’s own home and offering alternative transportation services. Excessive restrictions obstruct start-ups and favor large corporations when it comes to affordable housing and transportation.
  • Focus law enforcement on real crime, and off of non-violent drug offences. Laws severely punish those who use drugs but harm no one else, stunting their ability to work, live, leave behind their addictions, and find meaningful lives. Keeping priorities on point reduces violent crime, homelessness, and joblessness.
  • Empower parents and teachers instead of administrators by being smarter with educational funds. Administrative costs should not grow while wages and jobs stagnate for teachers. Meaningful changes in the lives of students come from innovative teachers, not bureaucrats.
There are many more unheard frustrations in Ward 6 that I hope to be a voice for on the Council. Together, we can uncover more of these fundamental issues and propose solutions that both protect rights and lead to a community of which we can be even more proud.
With Regards, your neighbor,

Pranav Badhwar