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‘Silicon Valley’ Premiere: ‘This Is Your Baby’

12 Apr
Sundays on HBO.  A Peter Thiel figure (“Peter Gregory”) who gives grants for people to drop out of college, bids against a Google-type company for partial ownership of a new company that is based on an innovative algorithm that searches compressed data files, whose founder/owners are a smorgasbord of nerd stereotypes.

‘Silicon Valley’ Premiere Review: ‘This Is Your Baby’: If you caught Mike Judge’s new show on HBO Sunday night, you ought to know what it’s called. Characters made at least five references to Silicon Valley, as the show is named, throughout the half hour. But Judge can be forgiven these transgressions because our hero is about to quit his day job at hooli, an over-the-top fictionalized version of Google to start his own company. And geographically, Google sits in the heart of “the valley”. Oh, yes, and the show is pretty entertaining.