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Libertarian Moslem corner

15 Jun

Will Coley

My recent statements about defending to rights of those who have lifestyles outside the purview of what Islam sees as morally acceptable, has drawn some criticism from some fellow Muslims.
While I am sure that those of you who have issues, are far more qualified than myself. I have a hard time believing you’re more qualified than the Ulama, or the contemporary scholars I have spoken to on this issue.
I don’t base my view on my own opinion, it isn’t something I invented for some new “progressive” or “reformist” Islam. I base it on previous precedent set by those far more qualified than myself, or you.
Umar ibn Abdul Aziz was discontented with non muslims continuing their practices that violated Islam and wrote al Hasan al Basri and asked; ‘How is it that the Rightly-Guided Caliphs before us left the People of the Covenant as they did, marrying close relatives(incest), and keeping pigs and wine?’ al Hasan responded, ‘They pay their taxes, and shall be left to their ways, you may only follow the Law, not invent something new.’
This correspondence between two of the most celebrated figures in Islamic history shows us that even lifestyles, and yes marriages, that we do not morally accept as muslims, are both legal, and protected.
The scholars are in agreement that if a non muslim living among you is threatened, or denied the ability to practice what their culture deems lawful and acceptable, we must defend them and their rights and property. Even if that property happens to be a pig farm or winery, or that practice happens to be a marriage or relationship our faith deems morally unacceptable.
If this were not so, al Basri would not have defended those rights to the khalif, and would have told him to do as he pleases, and forbid the non muslims their wine, their pork, and their marriages we find unacceptable. Rather he told him to suck it up, and deal with the fact that not everyone believes the way we do, and we have no right to force them to change….or support others who might try to.
If you’re more qualified than al Basri, or the handful of popular contemporary scholars I have discussed this with, then by all means, bring your evidences and refute the position…otherwise, scroll on by, and enjoy the rest of your Ramadan.