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Kermit Gosnell, America’s most prolific serial killer

4 Feb
This was published yesterday in the Daily Caller.

Marchers, rioters, and construction crane climbers of the last week have closed down subways, smashed windows, burnt limos, unfurled banners from hijacked building cranes, incinerated newspaper boxes, and in one case set themselves on fire to call attention to how a Republican agenda of deregulation will result in death: deaths of people newly insured under Obamacare, the death of the earth and the environment.

D.C. has one more national march this week, the annual March for Life, which promises to bring half a million supporters to the Capitol on Friday.  For the first time a high White House staffer, the ubiquitous KellyAnne Conway, the first woman to manage a winning presidential campaign, will address the marchers.

And in advance of this final march, a husband and wife journalist team make the case that this march is also about how a Republican agenda of deregulation created the occasion for death and tragedy.

In their new book Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer, Anne McElhinny and Phelim McAleer, blame Pennsylvania Republican Governor Tom Ridge (1994-2002) for creating the lax regulatory climate that allowed Kermit Gosnell to murder women and children for two decades.  Ridge, the couple argue, took a laissez faire approach to reproductive health clinics, not so much as part of a general libertarian economic policy as of a campaign strategy that only a moderate-to-liberal Republican could win and be re-elected in Pennsylvania.

McElhinny and McAleer, Irish nationals who have re-located permanently to Los Angeles, were previously known as sort of libertarian fellow travelers who shied away from social issues; their previous 2013 documentary, FrackNation, covered hoaxes and intimidation by environmentalists trying to outlaw fracking.

They resisted.  As McElhinny writes:

I never trusted or liked pro-life activists. Even at college I thought them too earnest and too religious. I thought the shocking images they showed were manipulative. I distinctly remember my argument: a heart transplant is gross to look at, too. I don’t want to look at pictures of that, and heart transplants are brilliant. So back off, prolifers with your scary pictures. I also didn’t trust the provenance of the pictures; I was sure they had been photo shopped.

If the anti-abortion position was so strong, it should be able to argue without resorting to emotionally manipulating its audience with fraudulent horror pictures.

Once you have this mentality, it’s very easy to completely dismiss pro-life activists. And the universities of the world are teeming with young people just like that young person I once was.
Fast forward to April 2013 and Kermit Gosnell’s trial in Philadelphia, when everything changed.
McAleer changed their minds just by having copies of the court transcripts sent to them and asking them to read them.

The couple paint a picture of Gosnell as a classic serial killer that will be familiar to fans of Patricia Cornwell novels of the series Criminal Minds:  Gosnell, who is something of a shoe and foot fetishist, kept collections of jars of severed baby feet in his clinic; he collected photos of the genitals of his patients; he tells grandiose stories about his life and accomplishments; he violates boundaries, constantly touching McElhinny when the couple visit him in prison, and constantly calling them and writing them (a detective friend warns them that this will be for life) after their visit; he makes delusional references to his imprisonment, telling the couple his current “break” from work has allowed him to catch up with his studies of music (he claims he could have been a concert pianist).  During their interview Gosnell refers to the collection of children’s shoes at Auschwitz as “impressive.”
Gosnell’s practice – of delivering lives babies and then stabbing them in the heart with scissors, sometimes hours later, to finish them off – seems to have escaped attention for years in part as a result of a kind of environmental racism.  His clients were viewed as poor black women who should be grateful for what they could get by both many of the low trained nurse interns Gosnell employed and by the Pennsylvania state health department.  Gosnell had two sets of exam rooms, one for poor black women, with rusty equipment and blood on the walls, and somewhat more presentable quarters for white clients who might have been more likely to complain.

Though at least two adult patients died under his care – besides the many babies killed a few minutes or hours after being born – no Pennsylvania health inspectors ever looked into his clinic.  His murders only came to light because of a narcotics investigation – Gosnell, who owned 17 houses at the time of his trial, was also selling oxycontin.

The book has been bouncing between #3 and #4 all week on Amazon, despite a total blackout of coverage in all mainstream media.
Besides the book, which came out this week (there is a book signing Saturday at a pro-life conference at the Renaissance Hotel in Chinatown), McElhinny and McAleer have produced a forensic drama, directed by Cast Away director Nick Searcy and starring Dean Cain as the narcotics investigator who cracked the case.  The film was crowd funded on Indiegogo (after Kickstarter threw the project off for being “controversial”), with 29,000 donating $2.3 million in 45 days.  So far every movie distributor has refused to take on the film because it is too controversial.

One wonders if Ms. Conway might not arrange a White House screening.

Hamilton’s Brandon Victor Dixon wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving

22 Nov

Although the Hamilton cast/ Vice President-elect Mike Pence controversy was a major topic of conversation on every daytime chat show today, a cast member was a guest on only one show.

Appearing on The View yesterday, Hamilton star Brandon Victor Dixon thanked Vice President-elect Mike Pence both for stopping to listen to Victor’s criticisms of Donald Trump from the stage after the play ended and for his public statement in favor of free speech the next day.

Speaking on Fox News Sunday, Pence told host Chris Wallace “Hamilton is just an incredible production, incredibly talented people and it was a real joy to be there…I nudged my kids and reminded them that’s what freedom sounds like.”

This weekend self-proclaimed “cultural libertarian” and Breitbart provocateur Milo Yiannopolous re-posted a tweet by Brandon Victor Dixon on his eponymous blog, not nearly as old as the “pussy grabbing” comments of the President-elect. Dixon, the Hamilton actor who hectored Vice President-elect Pence from the stage, had back in 2012 tweeted that one should hang out with white women on St. Patrick’s Day, since they become inebriated enough to make easy sexual prey:

// The all female panel of The View did not ask Brandon Dixon about this tweet, but did discuss President-elect Donald Trump’s tweet demanding that the cast apologize. Apparently what Michelle Obama actually meant in her famous maxim comparing Democrats and their opponents was “When they get high, we go low.”

There may have been some legal pushback, as the article by Milo then disappeared from the internet, the link to it no longer takes you to anything. (I emailed Milo today to ask but did not hear back, and one person at Breitbart said they wouldn’t get involved in covering this but would let Milo sort it out himself.)

But Brandon Dixon’s twitter feed still has plenty of wisdom to edify the nation:

Wishing America a Happy Thanksgiving

// Explaining that Pence was lucky to only get a tongue lashing

// Out magazine a few days after the election, for the alleged bravery and rarity of being an out, gay, HIV+ man on Broadway, tweeted that he blocks and mutes trolls and critics who tweet negative things to him:

Dixon’s co-stars, Lexi Lawson and Javier Munoz have also spent a lot of time tweeting, with Lawson tweeting defenses of their hectoring Pence, and Munoz urging people to vote the first week of November and promoting the Hamilton cast’ pre-election performance on The Colbert Report. Munoz, who won an award from

// Unfortunately for Vice President-elect Pence, it’s hard to mute a cast when you are a captive audience.

The Discrimination Boogeyman – It’s Time to Sue Gay and Lesbian Businesses

1 Apr
It’s interesting to remember, as so called “liberals” try to flay and decapitate any dissenter to their civil rights paradigm — the civil rights industry that leaves African Americans in double digit unemployment and in de facto segregated schools (the latter profit centers where poor children of color are sold to educrat cartels in exchange for donations to Democratic Party candidates) — that the main organization that has denied employment to people for being gay is the federal government.

The Mattachine Society of Washington, D.C. continues to unearth papers related to this, that show that the main threat to gay people has always been government.  Long after Fortune 500 companies adopted gay inclusive HR policies, it was mainly the military, intelligence agencies, and government schools denying gay people jobs.

I myself took a cryptology test for the NSA in the mid-80s, passed, and received a large package to fill out for an offer of employment.  But didn’t send it back in since I was afraid I couldn’t be out and an intelligence community employee at the same time.  And thus missed out on being Edward Snowden.

Meanwhile all the people whining about laws that might allow religious people to NOT have their freedom of association violated by being forced to associate with gay weddings etc. don’t realize that these same laws, that will force everyone to associate with everyone else, at least at work, spell the end of all women’s music festivals, lesbian cruises, gay bed and breakfasts, gay bars, and the thing that people were just beginning to investigate, gay senior citizen homes and 55+ communities.  They’ve already made it impossible to run a gay real estate company or apartment building anywhere where sexual orientation is a protected class under local fair housing law, since you can’t ask or tell anything about the sexual orientation of a client, tenant, seller, or buyer.

If we are going to live in a world with no right to freedom of association (at least when we are making a living), where we sue some poor little Christian woman hundreds of thousands of dollars and into poverty and the dole because she doesn’t believe she should bake a gay wedding cake, then please straight people, sue the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, Olivia cruises and every gay motel listed in PurpleRoofs out of existence.  (I’ve actually stayed at a clothing optional Ft. Lauderdale gay B&B, a high end one with a spa and a fancy website, and seen them turn away a straight couple who had made reservations.)