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Steve Newton, Libertarian for Assembly, announces in Delaware

17 Jan
 I wanted you to know that I am running for State Representative this year in Delaware.  I was actually solicited by the Democrats to run as their candidate against a GOP incumbent, but I couldn’t stomach putting my name on their ticket, so I told the people who have asked me repeatedly to do this to put up the money or shut up.  They started putting up the money so it was my turn.

I’ve actually got a shot at winning a Libertarian bid to the General Assembly, strange as it seems.  I’ve got a resume of work that makes me a legit candidate in the eyes of non-Libertarians, I’ve got a old-line pretty corrupt GOP opponent, and the guy the Dems finally put up had his last elected job on a nearby school board not noticing while the superintendent drove the district into a $12.4 million hole.

More to the point, I know my district and its people, have worked with local businesses here for years, and only need 6,500-7,000 votes to win.

Marriage equality and transgender equality are both significant issues in Delaware;  Both passed last year with our incumbent voting against them (“I worry about giving a pass to perverts to go into other bathrooms”–a paraphrase, but close).  My next-door neighbors finally got married last summer, as they said, “Over his objections.”

There are a lot of other issue that cut my way, and I have the time to do this right:  my twins go to college in the fall and I’m on sabbatical from the university.  I plan to knock on every door in the district at least twice, and I’ve already got precinct leaders in seven of the twelve precincts in my district.
I’m going to test the idea that a well-qualified Libertarian candidate who has the money to be competitive in advertising can be successful in a State election.  Last time the GOP incumbent raised $26K (but he also had a primary challenge) and the Dems only raised about $6K.  The Dem organization in my district is pitiful, but then this was gerrymandered to be one of the only GOP districts in the north end of the state.
In my first 24 hours since I announced my candidacy I’ve raised about $1,500–or 20% of what the Dems raised for the entire campaign last time around.
I’ll need a minimum of $15K (and a target of $25K) to do this right, and while I am pushing hard to get it in the bank by the end of April, I’m going to need all the help I can get.
I’m hoping that once I start pushing out some serious campaign materials over the next two weeks that you could help through your contacts to publicize them via the Outright community and might send things along to anybody you know who’d be willing to make even a token donation.
Donations can either be mailed to Friends of Steve Newton, 189 Fairhill Drive, Wilmington DE 19808 or right now people can visit where there is a donation button up for online contributions.
I will also have similar materials up at The Delaware Libertarian within the day.
I have been paving the way for this for awhile on my blog by increasing the concentration on local and state politics and decreasing the emphasis on national stuff.  That hurts to do in some ways, but I don’t think people vote in local elections based on my position on the NSA or the drone war, but on what I’d do about marijuana legalization or gun control issues actually under consideration.  (I’ve also become a leading state advocate for midwives and the home birth movement).
Anything you could do to help me publicize this or connect with donors would be really appreciated.
Steve Newton
NCC Chair, Libertarian Party of Delaware
Candidate of State Representative, 22nd District