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Karen Kwiatkowski for Congress

11 Jun

Tomorrow is the June 12th primary and 
it’s time to Get Out The Vote! The 
phone-from-home program is a really
 effective tool for reaching voters.
 Bob Goodlatte has lots of lobbyist 
dollars to fund his campaign, but we
 have enthusiastic volunteers like you
 — as well as about half of the GOP 
in the district! Our phone-from-home 
program is free, fun and effective, 
and I would really appreciate all of 
you signing up for an account 
on our webpage, and making a few calls 
before Tuesday.

Thanks for your continued support,and
 please forward this email to your 
email lists — all your friends and 
neighbors, and to all your favorite 
groups! It’s time to get out the vote!

Contact me via email, or call 
540-440-1776.  Please tell your friends,
relatives, children and parents, 
neighbors your church community, and 
your favorite organizations about our 
campaign. Share on FB, too! Send Five Days to the Primary! to friends on Facebook

In liberty, and in faith,
Karen Kwiatkowski
Less Government, More Prosperity

Less Government, More Prosperity