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Libertarian National Committee chair does not renew Executive Director Carla Howell’s contract

24 Jun

“Please consider this to be my official notice to the LNC that, under my authority as Chair, I have decided to NOT extend or renegotiate the existing contract with Carla Howell.

I am currently evaluating my options regarding a replacement, and will update you all at some later point in time.

In the meantime, I will not disclose my reasoning for this decision in any public forum, but will be happy to do so during Executive Session during our upcoming LNC meeting.

For the record, I have offered to employ Ms. Howell on a month to month basis under the same compensation and benefits terms as are currently in effect during my search for a new Executive Director.
Geoffrey Neale
Libertarian National Committee”

 Mr. Neale’s term as national chair also ends in 11 months, when there is an election for a new Chairperson of the Libertarian National Committee at the 2014 Libertarian Party national convention in Columbus, Ohio.