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A DC resident at wit’s end

2 Jul

Hi folks,

We’re in need of advice on how to combat a DMV situation that defies logic. We received a parking ticket on a Volkswagen vehicle we don’t, and have never, owned. We got the ticket in 2011 and challenged it, explaining in writing that we have never owned a Volkswagen and detailing the vehicles we do own – all of which is on record at DMV. The VW had license plates that we had turned in several years before. DMV confirmed receipt of the license plates and the date, saying the plates had never been re-issued.

Unbelievably, a DMV Hearing Officer upheld the ticket. So we then filed an appeal with the Traffic Adjudication Appeals Board.

Tonight we got a final order upholding the Hearing Officer’s denial of our appeal. We failed to prove we did NOT own the vehicle. Can anyone explain how to prove we DON’T own a vehicle?! 

It has cost us the ticket, now doubled – and an appeal fee – all because DMV cannot communicate within its own department.

Thanks for any suggestions.