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Training the feral Libertarian

19 Oct
The Libertarian Party national office offered a very fiscally prudent training to a few dozen Libertarian candidates and campaign managers and candidate recruiters this weekend, that they hope to reproduce around the country.

Toasted Libertarians:  Wes Benedict (far left); Virginia state delegate candidates
Carl Loser (Richmond) and Andy Bakker (Alexandria) (far right)

The two day weekend class, with a Friday night party at the LP national headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, a Saturday night Potomac cruise and restaurant and bar crawl in Georgetown and Foggy Bottom, and a Sunday post-workshop excursion to the National Mall, cost only $40 ($25 for extremely early bird registrants.)  Frugally held at a $99 a night motel just outside the Beltway, the LP’s fiscal austerity got it coverage in The Washington Times

After a week of whining, inflantile, lying conservative Republicans, like The Blaze, Sean Hannity and Chris Plante, I forgot how retarded faux "progressives" are

8 Nov
But they are always there to remind us.

Since a few days before last Tuesday’s election, every conservative blog, every Virginia Republican activist, and every right wing talk show host, has been repeating a truly retarded article in The Blaze that deliberately creates the impression that an Austin Democrat under the direction of the Obama regime totally funded Robert Sarvis Virginia gubernatorial and got him on the ballot.

Here are the facts they omit or misreport:

1) The Virginia Libertarian Party always gets on the ballot, collecting the 10,000 plus valid signatures needed, to comply with the extremely restrictive ballot access laws the Virginia GOP helped write, laws that just last year kept every Republican candidate off the Republican primary ballot except for Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.  The LP has run gubernatorial candidates before, recently Bill Redpath of Leesburg.

2) The Blaze claims the $11,000 the Libertarian Booster PAC donated to Sarvis was his biggest campaign donation.  That is simply a lie.  He gave his own campaign $20,000.

3) And the largest expenditure in his campaign wasn’t even by his campaign, but was an independent purchase (see below) by the newly founded, all libertarian Purple PAC, of around $300,000 in radio and TV ads.

The faux “progressives” at the so called Center for “Public Integrity” is clearly shaking in and soiling its panties as much as the GOPsters, as afraid of a Libertarian candidate with some money as they are of a black man with a gun (and you can bet they are for disarming him too!).

Lets do the math for these cretins:

Sarvis got 145,762 votes and had $380,000 spent on his campaign, paying a little over $2.60 a vote.

Cuccinelli got 1,010,929 votes and had $14,230,000 spent on his campaign, paying a little over $14 a vote.

McAuliffe got 1,066,149 votes and had $22,053,041 spent on his campaign, paying just under $21 a vote.

Libertarians declare ‘mission accomplished’ in Virginia — after super PAC help

Robert Sarvis, who earned record 6.5 percent of vote, bolstered by big-dollar groups

By Michael Beckel

22 hours, 39 minutes ago Updated: 7 hours, 0 minutes ago

Two days after Virginia voters narrowly elected Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe over Republican Ken Cuccinelli, Libertarian National Committee Executive Director Wes Benedict declared “mission accomplished.”
If so, a pair of super PACs played an overriding role in the success of Libertarian Robert Sarvis, who garned a sizable 6.5 percent of the vote — the third-highest vote total for a Libertarian gubernatorial candidate in history, in any state.
In the final stretch of the campaign, a pro-Libertarian super PAC called the Purple PAC financed a media blitz, spending roughly $300,000 on TV ads — nearly $100,000 more than Sarvis’ campaign itself raised during the race.
And of the roughly $200,000 raised by Sarvis, the Libertarian Booster PACranked as his largest donor, behind Sarvis himself, at about $11,500, according to the Virginia Public Access Project.
Major donors to the Purple PAC include Kentucky horse breeder Richard Masson and billionaire options trader Jeffrey Yass, who sits on the board of the Cato Institute, as the Center for Public Integrity has previously reported.
Meanwhile, the Libertarian Booster PAC, which under Virginia law is allowed to accept unlimited contributions, was started in 2011 by Benedict. It counts Joe Liemandt — the Stanford University dropout who founded and runs the software company Trilogy — as its largest donor this year.
That relationship has earned Sarvis and the PAC ire from the likes of Rush Limbaugh toKarl Rove in recent days.
The reason for their fury: Liemandt and his wife Andra have deep financial ties not only to the Libertarian Party, but also to Democrats including President Barack Obama.
For instance, Andra Liemandt was credited by as bundling $326,000 for Obama’s 2012 re-election efforts, according to documents obtained by the New York Times. Federal Election Commission records show the couple alone donated $156,700 to the Obama Victory Fund, which boosted Obama’s campaign, the Democratic National Committee and Democratic parties in battleground states like Virginia.
The Liemandts together also donated about $141,000 to the Libertarian National Committee between 2008 and 2012, according to a Center for Public Integrity review of FEC records.
In a press release issued Thursday afternoon. Benedict argued that Sarvis should not be called a spoiler by Republicans.
“My hope with the Robert Sarvis campaign was for the election to be close between the Democrat and Republican, with the Libertarian getting more votes than in previous elections,” said Benedict
“I want Libertarians to win elections,” Benedict continued. “But I also want them to run for office even when they’re unlikely to win. Why? To get the public to discuss and consider libertarian principles.”
Both McAuliffe and Cuccinelli also benefited from spending by independent groups, although not to the same extent as Sarvis. And for his part, McAuliffe raised about $33 million, while Cuccinelli raised $18 million.
Update Nov. 8, 2013, 10:16 a.m.: Purple PAC President Ed Crane — a former chairman of the Libertarian National Committee and founder of the Cato Institute — told the Center for Public Integrity that his group’s extra boost was a “healthy thing” for the Virginian electorate, which got to hear from a candidate with a “socially tolerant agenda” who also favors “lower taxes and less business regulations.”
Like Benedict, he challenged the notion that Sarvis’ campaign was a boon to McAuliffe.
“This idea that libertarians are automatically taking votes away from Republicans is just not true,” he said.
Crane added that if Purple PAC had started earlier and had $5 million at its disposal, instead of a few hundred thousand, Sarvis “could have got a quarter of the vote.”

Wes Benedict returns as executive director for national LP; Carla Howell becomes political director

2 Sep

Wes Benedict - Executive Director, Libertarian National Committee

Wes Benedict,
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee

Wes Benedict, formerly from Texas, has returned to the national LP headquarters to resume his previous position as executive director for the Libertarian National Committee. His focus is on fundraising, LNC project oversight, and general management.
Carla Howell, who served as executive director from December 2011 through July 2013, assumed the position of political director, in which she will focus on recruiting, coaching and supporting candidates, political strategy, media interviews, and party communications.
“Wes Benedict is a highly qualified and welcome addition to the LP headquarters,” Howell said. “He’s focused on results.”
Benedict said, “It’s great to be back, but I also remember how overwhelming this job can be. I’m grateful to have Carla taking care of so many of the key political tasks.”
Wes Benedict served as executive director from July 2009 to December 2011 under former party chairmen Bill Redpath and Mark Hinkle, and now serves under chair Geoffrey J. Neale.
Benedict previously served as executive director of the Libertarian Party of Texas, where he made it one of the best-performing state Libertarian Party affiliates. He recruited a record 173 LP candidates for office in Texas for the November 2008 elections.
While away from the national office, Benedict has been busy promoting Libertarian affiliates and candidates.
He founded the Libertarian Action Super PAC (LASPAC) in 2012 to promote the Libertarian Party nominee for president, and provided promotional materials and advertisements for the Gary Johnson for President campaign.
He also founded the Texas-based Libertarian Booster PAC, which recruits and assists Libertarian Party candidates for non-federal office. In 2013, the PAC recruited and supported candidates and ballot drives in Virginia, Alabama, and North Dakota.
During his hiatus, Benedict wrote the book Introduction to the Libertarian Party: For Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, and Everyone Else, which describes the structure, history, and activities of the LP, and offers suggestions for becoming a valuable activist. Living in Louisiana, he also served as chair of the Parish Executive Committee of the East Baton Rouge Libertarian Party.
Benedict holds an MBA from the University of Michigan and a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Texas. He has owned a small business, has served as a management consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers, and was a manufacturing engineer for 3M Company.

Wes Benedict returns to Libertarian Party national HQ

29 Jun
Mr. Benedict left the Executive Director position to move to Louisiana, get married, and run a political action committee funded by an angel donor that supported Libertarian candidates.  His new book on the Libertarian Party is now being published.

Wes was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He has lived and worked throughout the U.S. and overseas but recently moved back to Baton Rouge.

Wes served from July 17, 2009 to December 31, 2011 as Executive Director of the Libertarian National Committee in the Libertarian Party’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. He previously served as Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Texas. There he broke records and made Texas one of the best performing state Libertarian Party chapters. He recruited a record 173 LP candidates for office in Texas for the November 2008 elections, which was 29 percent of the nationwide LP total.

Wes holds an MBA from the University of Michigan and a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Texas. He has previously bought and sold a kitchen and bath countertop manufacturing business, and he has worked as a management consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers and a manufacturing engineer for 3M Company.

On Fri, June 28, 2013 at 4:05 PM, Geoffrey Neale wrote:
Nothing is final yet, but we are down to working out the minor details. At this time I’d like to let everyone know not only where we are, but where we are going.
Carla Howell will continue to serve as Executive Director through July 31, 2013.
Effective August 1, 2013, Carla Howell will take on the role of Political Director.
Also effective August 1, 2013, Wes Benedict will start as Executive Director.
First off, some caveats. We all have established all of the “bullet points” of the necessary contracts, but we have not yet worked out all of the contract wording, which will not take much longer.
Once we have the contracts worked out, they must be reviewed and approved by our legal counsel.
Then the contracts must be reviewed by the LNC EPCC committee (which is comprised of James Lark, William Redpath and Mark Hinkle).
Then the ED contract must be approved by the entire LNC.
I am very excited about the prospect of having two “heavy weights” on our staff. I hope all of you are as well.
I will now ask some questions that I’m sure you will be thinking of.
Do we have the budget for this staff change? Yes – the contracts will fall within our 2013 budget.
Was Wes involved in the decision to have Carla take on the PD role? Yes – this will not work unless all parties are on board.
Please feel free to ask more, though I will not divulge much of the contract terms outside of Executive Session.
Geoffrey Neale
Libertarian National Committee

Libertarian Weekly Calendar (DC centric this week)

22 Jun

Arlington, VA

Laura Delhomme for Delegate Kick Off Party
Saturday June 22


    • 5:00pm until 8:00pm

  • 880 North Pollard
  • On behalf of the Delhomme Campaign, you are officially invited to join us as we kick off the campaign season with a backyard BBQ. This is a great chance to meet your fellow campaign supporters and volunteers. Come on out and bring a friend, this is sure to be a great time!


880 N Pollard St Arlington VA 22201

Washington, DC

  • Liberty
    Liberty Toastmasters

    Russell Senate Office

    Instructions for the Building Entry:

    Due to sequester, it is recommended people enter through the Dirksen 24-hour entrance at 1st & C St NE. Once you enter the building and clear security (please do not bring any weapons or suspicious items) take the stairs to the basement and proceed to Russell. Any elevator will get you to the 3rd floor

    Liberty Toastmasters was established in 2012. Our unique focus on the topic of liberty allows for a thoughtful discussion of ideas in addition to fulfilling the mission of our parent organization.

Alexandria, VA

  • Honor Flight
  • Join us at DCA on Tues, June 25 to welcome around 30 WWII & Korean veterans from Greater St Louis Honor Flight.

    We’ll gather outside Terminal A and welcome them to DCA as they walk from the buses into the Terminal to catch their return flight back to Illinois.

    PLEASE join us any time between 5 and 6! The buses are scheduled to arrive at 5:30 pm.

    NOTE: Join us for a brief HAPPY HOUR immediately following this greeting!

    Starting at 6:15… meet us at the bar at McCormick & Schmicks in Crystal City… one of the best Happy Hours around. (Happy Hour prices effective through 7 pm)

    **One stop away on the metro**
    2010 Crystal Drive Arlington, VA 22202

    Questions? Ask them here, or ask Danielle Sturgis via Facebook or via email:!

    -Please feel free to attend ANY and ALL Honor Flight greetings! There are MANY opportunities, morning and evening. Full schedule:

Washington DC

What’s funny about gay Republicans?

  • (

  • Come out to support GOProud! DC Comedy night at RFD at 810 7th St. NW. Purchase tickets online for $20 or at the door for $25.


810 7th St. NWWashington, District of Columbia 20001

Washington, DC

  • Liberty on the Rocks at 201 Bar at 201 Massachusetts Avenue NE
  • For June, we wanted to welcome all newcomers–interns and newly graduated– as well as those starting programs like KAP, to the Beltway by hosting our monthly social at 201 Bar. Swap your freshly printed business cards, share your experiences so far with fellow liberty-lovers, and kick-back and enjoy what DC does best: the happy hour. What better way to learn the ins and outs of a DC happy hour than at one of the classiest establishments on the Hill? Turn your happy hour into a happy night, but just remember, the metro closes at midnight!

    We’ll have “the State Room” from 6-8PM; however, the entire place is your playground. Happy hour deals run all night… so take advantage.
    $4 Bourbons, $4 wine, $4 Goose Island Beer

    You must be 21+ to enter and drink.


201 Massachusetts Avenue NEWashington, District of Columbia 20002

Waco, Texas

  • “Low Taxes or No Taxes?” Waco Hilton
  • Nothing can be certain but death and taxes, but maybe it’s time to question the certainty of taxes.

    Is all taxation fundamentally flawed or is there a fair way to tax Americans? If there is a best method, what is it?

    The Libertarian Party of Texas and the McLennan County Libertarian Party will be hosting Low Taxes or No Taxes?, a FREE debate on the scope and method of taxation.

    Steven Bradley, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at Baylor University. He currently teaches a Social Entrepreneurship & Economic Development class that asks and answers the question “Does capitalism help the poor?” He conducts research in the survival and growth of start-up firms, both in developed and developing economies around the world.

    Kurt Hildebrand is Chair of the Hays County Libertarian Party.
    He also served as Program Director for Dionysium, an Alamo Drafthouse event which features monthly debates. Professionally, Kurt works in the field of information technology consulting.

    Wes Benedict currently works for the Libertarian Action Super PAC and the Libertarian Booster PAC. He served as Executive Director of the Libertarian National Committee, and before that as Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Texas. He recruited a record 173 LP candidates for office in Texas for the November 2008 elections, which was 29 percent of the nationwide LP total.

    John Bush has been broadcasting Rise Up Radio since 2007. John’s message has evolved to include provocative solutions amd strategies individuals can take to live a more free, prosperous, and sustainable life. John Bush is also committed liberty activist. He has helped to start and grow the following activist and educational groups: Texans for Accountable Government, the Foundation for a Free Society, Operation Defuse, Lone Star SMART, and Indigo Agora.

    The debate will be moderated by Caroline K. Gorman, chair of the Travis County Libertarian Party and member of the State Libertarian Executive Committee.

    Social hour from 6 to 7 and debate from 7 to 8:30.