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Rupert Murdoch to back new libertarian leaning website

6 Apr

A new libertarian leaning website, Heat Street, is set to launch April 18, headed by former member of Parliament Louise Mensch.

Mensch, who describes herself as a libertarian, and feminist, has moved to the United States after marrying the manager of the band Metallica.

As part of a media blitz promoting the site, Mensch appeared Tuesday on Neal Cavuto’s show, and was asked if Heat Street would be similar to Glenn Beck’s site The Blaze.

Personally I thought it sounded more like a more libertarian version of Breitbart, and was excited as a Breitbart free lancer about writing for Heat Street.

Mensch spent Tuesday night in a Twitter war with Breitbart featured writer John Nolte, with Mensch attacking Breitbart for promoting bad polls that claimed Trump would win Wisconsin by 10 points, and Nolte claiming Mensch had failed on one continent so now was trying a second. Trump did in fact lose in Wisconsin.