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RedEye Panelist Gay Bashed Over Ferguson

16 Mar

TV’s Andy Levy, one of the most out libertarians on FoxNews, was gay bashed, as a “closeted gay libertarian,”  last week, by conservative blogger Pat Dollard, who called Levy “a 50 year old confirmed bachelor with cats,” because Levy thinks part of the Department of Justice report on Ferguson is correct in identifying racism in local police forces and their behavior as revenue generating tax authorities fining people for all the loot they can get.

There are three problems with Dollard’s critique:

1) As one Levy fan on twitter noted, Dollard forgot to mention the highlights Levy used to have in his blondish hair

2) Closeted gay libertarians became extinct in the early 1980s, and were made illegal after the passing of Roger McBride.

3) Heterosexuals, like newlywed Leon Wolf of the conservative website RedState, agree with Levy.

Levy, like Pollard, served in the US military.  A former Army infantryman, stationed in Korea, we would like some day to thank Mr. Levy for his service.