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Statist disinfo site "Crooks and Liars" spazzes out over the boogeyman of Gary Johnson’s radical libertarianism

14 Oct
MSNBC’s ‘Brain Trust’ Includes Wingnut Libertarian Gary Johnson

Please leave the Crooks and Liars a reply on their website.

The rhetoric of the shutdown – Michael Durham’s question about "lawless" tea party anarchists

14 Oct
A Nashville YouTube viewer/correspondent, Michael Durham, has been posting on my and other videos of yesterday’s White House protest, that we are wrong to use the word “fascist” to describe police showing up in riot gear, speeding through downtown, or using sirens (and perhaps he would include the killing of Miriam Carey?).

He also opines that the veterans and tea parties were breaking the law by visiting the Monuments.

I wonder if he can point to the law Congress passed closing these open spaces?

Why do Obama supporters always think Obama’s whims are laws?

If the President is issuing edicts closing down open spaces just to coerce people to obey is political agenda, without sanction of law, how is that not fascism?