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Protest media blackout of Libertarians

10 Sep

Virginia (and other) Libertarians.  WMAL radio, which shamefully didn’t cover Robert Sarvis in 2013 and then repeated a blogger’s lies about him the day after the election, is again having a rather obvious systemic policy of blacking out all news on Libertarian candidates in DC and Virginia.  Even though so many of their on air talent describe themselves as libertarians or libertarian leaning (Chris Plante, Larry O’Connor (formerly of, Mary Katherine Hamm (of, Austin Hill, etc. etc.), they again desperately want to make sure the Republicans they favor don’t even lose a fraction of a percent of the vote, stupidly assuming Libertarians don’t get votes from Democrats, independents, and people who would otherwise not even vote.  Today at 8:35 am they interview Republican Virginia Senatorial candidate and long term establishment national GOPster Ed Gillespie.  I’m sure they will invite the Democrat and again ignore Libertarian Senatorial candidate Robert Sarvis.  You can call in at 1-888-630-WMAL.  You can also listen on line at

I actually think someone should organize a web based boycott of all the regular advertisers on news media that do this.

WMAL’s advertisers include:

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Hadeed Carpet Cleaners,
Counter Intelligence,,
and Sedation Dentistry).