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5 Mar

David Boaz has a new book, which is being widely distributed for free, especially to students at events, which is funny since it is not thin and it is a hardback. (He kindly autographed my copy.)

I’ve read the first chapter only so I can’t review it.  It is supposed to be an update of his earlier book, a kind of survey of libertarianism, which I never read.

I find the title confusing.  I’d expect it to be about moral psychology of libertarians, the kind of thing Jonathan Haidt might do.  Or perhaps even Randian psycho-epistemological analysis.

I didn’t find the first chapter very exciting, and don’t understand what the book is for.  How does it supplant books like For a new liberty, The machinery of freedom, Power and Market, Atlas Shrugged, and other fare that usually serves as a gateway to libertarianism?  How does it go one better than Rothbard or Tibor Machan?  I guess I have to read it to know.

There is social science literature to suggest that a home painted yellow sells faster though.