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And you thought only the gays were upset with Russia

29 Aug
Why are we giving any of these people money or weapons?

Why do we buy their oil instead of developing our own? 

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Aeisha Muhammad <>
To:  UN Security Council; Arab League

Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2013 1:46 PM

Subject: The Olympic Games in Russia

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim
Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam ‘ala Rasulillah

As salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu

Dear Members of the Arab League and the entire International Community:

It is being reported that Saudi Arabia is threatening Russia with terrorists attacks during the Olympics in Moscow. May I ask what is wrong with you all at the Arab League? Has everyone lost their senses? Does anyone get the fact that threats of this sort are an open provocation designed to create more animosity against the Arab/Muslim world? What possible gain could there be in making threats such as this except to serve the interests of the Zionist Nazi fascists in Washington, “israel” and the UK ?

I have no doubt that the House of Saud in Saudi Arabia is trembling with with all the happenings that are taking place around its borders but that is NOT an excuse to provoke Russia with terrorists threats. If the House of Saud is openly admitting that they are the ones running the Islamic terrorism then they are doing it for the sake of themselves and the United States of America. Saudi Arabia and the USA work together to destroy the region. These terrorists that they brag about are the FAKE mujahideen which they created to run rough shod over the rest of the Islamic world to help the United States of America and “israel” gain control of the Arabian Peninsula. Foolishly the House of Saud has miscalculated that it will stay in power if it walks hand in hand with the Zionist Nazi USA in its genocidal assault on the innocents of the Arabian Peninsula.

The real Islamic resistance is alive, well and thriving in the Arabian Peninsula and the rest of the Islamic world. These FAKE mercenaries created and disbursed by the USA and Saudi Arabia will NEVER defeat the true Mujahideen. Time will prove that to be the case. The House of Saud is crumbling and all it has left are its threats and terrorists posing as Islamic warriors. When the time comes nobody will be able to help them. GOD Himself will see to it. No place to hide or run. These threats are heinous, reprehensible and NOT representative of the Islamic Resistance at all. 

Member nations of the world are hereby advised that any terrorists actions that take place in Russia are the work of Saudi Arabia (in conjunction with the USA, UK and “israel”) and that the criminal Saudi regime should be tried with war crimes and crimes against the sovereign State of Russia as they have already admitted that they will cause these ‘bought and paid for’ mercenaries to carry out terrorist acts inside Russia. The USA, UK and “israel” should also carry the weight of prosecution for supporting the Saudis and their UN-ISLAMIC terrorists.

I, Aeisha Muhammad, declare that the real Islamic Resistance is not a party to these terrorist acts threatened by the House of Saud and that said acts are NOT part of the Islamic Jihad against the tyranny of Zionist Nazi occupation and terrorism against the Peoples of the Arabian Peninsula or throughout the rest of the Islamic world. The real Islamic Resistance wants freedom from occupation and tyranny and does NOT carry out operations that serve to benefit the Zionist Nazis in the USA, UK and “israel”. 

Saudi Arabia and all the traitors in the Arabian Peninsula are warned not to go forward with this heinous plot against Russia. The consequences of such a decision will not be in their own interests.

Members of the UN Security Council and the international community of nations are advised to not fuel the fire by boarding the Saudi/USA train of destruction and not to use any terrorist operation inspired by the Saudi criminals and/or the USA to further the agenda against the Arabs and Muslims worldwide. If there is terrorism then you are all advised to put the blame where it belongs squarely on the lap of the House of Saud and their ZioNazi protectors in the West. This entire drama has but one purpose and it will backfire badly.

Everyone is asked to dissuade the House of Saud from its heinous conspiracy against Russia. It is in the interests of us all to prevent this evil from taking place.

May GOD guide you all the best of decisions for the sake of peace and your own nations.

Very truly yours,
from the servant of ALLAH
Shayhka Maulani Aeisha Muhammad