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Today’s Top Libertarian Tweets and Status Updates

12 Jun

I’ve been in Washington DC for exactly three (!!) years. What have I learned? I’ve learned that often times the people who are the closest in proximity to power are the least impressive.
Thaddeus Russell

In World War I, only two of the black regiments of the U.S. Army were sent into combat. A large number of soldiers in the 368th Infrantry ran away from the front line when fighting began and five of its officers were court-martialed for “cowardly misconduct in the face of the enemy.” Most historians now argue that the behavior of the 368th was due to poor training not a lack of patriotism or martial spirit. But Private Sidney Wilson of the 368th wrote this letter from the front lines in France to his draft board and a white newspaper in his hometown of Memphis:

“It afoads to the soldier boys wich you have sent so far away from home a great deal of pledger to write you a few lines to let you know that you low-down Mother Fuckers can put a gun in our hands but who is able to take it out? We may go to France but I want to let you know that it will not be over with until we straiten up this state. We feel like we have nothing to do with this war, so if you all thinks it, just wait until Uncle Sam puts a gun in the niggers hands and you will be sorry of it, because we is show goin to come back and fight and whip out the United States, because we have colored luetinan [lieutenants] up here, and thay is planing against this country everyday. So all we wants now is the amanation, then you all can look out, for we is coming.”

For sending this letter Wilson was court-martialed and sentenced to ten years at hard labor.

11 years ago I said invading Iraq to topple Hussein was a terrible idea, because he was locked in a war with al Qaeda for control of the country. “Regime change” would eventually hand Baghdad over to terrorists and empower Iran, who would lose a major threat right on their border.

Iran is now more powerful, and al Qaeda is on the march to Baghdad.

Friday’s top libertarian Internet updates

30 Aug

1) Donny Ferguson on Facebook 

The party that doesn’t want me to have a gun because I should wait for the police want immediate military strikes without Congress’ approval?

2).  Lindsey Bolton on Facebook 

Hey, Liberal Friends: I was wondering if it would be cool with y’all if I borrowed some of your anti-war signs left over from Iraq… I mean, since you’re not using them and all.


Triviums on

I am a teenager who is still going to school. If I had of stayed in the public school system I would of committed suicide due to all the bullying I encountered. This article is basically saying I am a bad person for wanting to LIVE!! I am so thankful to the elite private school I now attend for giving me a music scholarship and allowing me to live

 4)  BruceMajors4DC  on Twitter

 Obama’s weather underground roots are showing; that middle finger he likes to throw at questions is in the wind seeing which way it blows