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Please contact Maryland Public Television

7 Oct
As well as the Federal Communications Commission and Federal Election Commission, about PBS and its local affiliates giving Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton free advertising paid for by the taxpayer during an election cycle.,,

Dear Madam or Sir:

I see that Maryland Public Television is continuing to provide Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton with air time on Bonnie Urbe’s “To the contrary” and other shows, even though we are in an election cycle.
She is a panelist on these shows ( not a newsmaker or politician being covered.
It seems to me that this is a partisan misuse of the taxpayer funds you receive (including mine) as well as a violation of journalistic ethics and equal time provisions.
Have you reported this free advertising (30 minute programs) as a campaign contribution?
It seems that these appearances are worth more than $200 and should therefore be reported.
There are two other candidates on the ballot running against Delegate Norton.
I am one of them.
Bruce Majors
Libertarian for Congress