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Sarvis for Governor makes lemonade. Free range, organic, unregulated lemonade.

24 Sep
Today I was at a conservatarian, fusionist panel where Stephen Bannon of said Robert Sarvis could get 10% of the vote because, according to him, so many voters who won’t vote Democratic were unhappy with the Republican offerings (we will be posting video later).

Here’s the latest insider strategery:

Dear Sarvis supporter:

SSSHHH!!! Don’t tell Cooch or Terry!

Want to help Robert Sarvis launch a sneak media offensive on the “other guys”??!! Here’s how:

If Cooch & Terry manage to keep Sarvis out of Wed.’s debate we have a TOP SECRET plan to MAXIMIZE media exposure…make lemons out of lemonade…BUT We NEED TO RAISE a modest sum – $5000 – to do this…

…to GET ROBERT SARVIS out in front of more Virginia voters than would otherwise pay attention to the debate itself.


PS: Remember, every dollar you donate to Sarvis for Gov. 2013 gets more bang for your buck.
Here’s the Richmond Times-Dispatch report:

“According to the VPAP figures, Sarvis spent roughly $9,400 for each percentage point of his recently polled support…the major party candidates have spent more than $70,000 per percentage point.”

Please join me and help us throw this at Cooch & Terry and sneak up and overtake them in the polls!  Help us reach our goal by debate day Wed. at 7pm!

Thank you!! – JVLaB

J.V. LaBeaume
Communications Dir. & Strategist
Sarvis for Governor 2013
Virginia: “Open-minded and Open for Business”
Twitter: @RobertsarvisVA

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