Terry McAuliffe corruption cover up by Washington Post

15 Aug


On Saturday, The Washington Post ran 

a lengthy article on Virginia Democratic 

gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s 

controversial ties with the failed green car 

company GreenTech. For the story, the Post 

interviewed a bevy of individuals associated 

with GreenTech, including four interviewed in 

Citizens United’s documentary on McAuliffe, 

Fast Terry: Barbara Tuchel, local activist and 

former candidate for Tunica County’s Board 

of Supervisors; Charles Overstreet, former 

GreenTech employee; Melvin Griffen, former 

GreenTech employee; and Rev. McKinely Daley, 

of the Tunica Coujnty’s Board of Supervisors.

The Post’s story did admit that “a review of 
hundreds of public records and interviews with
 former employees and public officials in 
Virginia and Mississippi indicate that 
McAuliffe’s promises to create thousands 
of American jobs and millions of American-made
 cars have fallen short.”
But the story comes up short of calling GreenTech 
what it was: a crony capitalist deal between local 
authorities and high-ranking friends of high-ranking 
Democrats. The story also ignores Fast Terry itself, 
which has raised the issue of GreenTech on a national
 scale, even though the story interviews many of the 
same subjects as Fast Terry. 

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