And now, a word from our (LP) chairman

22 Jul

Real talk:
I’ve been part of this caucus for years and been to every national convention since Anaheim in 2000. What I have observed is that there’s a lot of bitching about how bad things are in the party, but when it comes time to show up, vote, and serve in leadership of the party, radicals are thin on the ground.
Take Portland. 334 delegates. Total. Actual organization and a commitment to show up and fight for your position would have turned that tide. I know, I was there. A lot of people who spend time lecturing me about whether the Dallas Accord was or wasn’t broken there were not.
Starchild. Doug Craig. Mary Ruwart. David Nolan (RIP). Mark Hinkle. Angela Keaton. Those are all the radicals who come to mind in the last 15 years who have had the fortitude to run for and serve on the LNC. It’s a mighty short list for an 18-person committee.
Recruit some people who are willing to do the work and have beliefs consistent with your goals.
Show up.

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